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Do you struggle with feelings of dizziness or nausea?  Are you worried about your balance or strength?  Come and see a Physio for a specialist assessment!


Whether you have a tennis elbow, an achilles tendinopathy or just a vague niggle when you run, come and see us!


Do you have a shoulder pain that just won't settle?  Or a knee pain that you are unsure what to do about?  Perhaps you have a bad back or are planning to have an operation and need some rehab?  Book in for an appointment to suit you!


"I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine and was sent to Anna for Physio.  At my first appointment she gave me a full assessment and explained what was going on with my vestibular system and why my symptoms had become so bad.  I was given exercises to undertake on a daily basis, which I went away and focused on completing.  I started to see an improvement quite quickly and am now pleased to say that I feel human again.  I also know what to do and how to cope if my symptoms worsen again.  I would highly recommend Anna to anyone that needs her expertise."


"I had a number of sessions with Anna, both virtual and face to face, to help me manage an ongoing back problem.  These were supported with detailed exercise sheets. Anna is highly skilled and very thorough.  She listened carefully.  She responded quickly to any queries.  I was very impressed with the high level of cleanliness and Covid-19 security Anna had put in place in her consulting room.  I felt very safe.   Highly recommended."

"Exercises adjusted weekly to tie in with progress"

"My knee was very stiff and painful when I first came 3 weeks ago . Following the advice and exercises I was given my knee is more flexible and the pain is diminished. I was also very impressed with the thorough examination that Anna performed at my first appointment to come to her diagnosis. Very pleased!"

"Really detailed care and attention. I have learnt a lot about my issues and been supported with making real improvements to my health. It has been a great investment in my health and the physio has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. "




If you are unsure which treatment would suit you best, please get in touch!


     £65 Assessment

£46  Follow Up

  • All MSK Physio treatments - necks, backs, knees, hips, ankles, thoracic pains, etc
  • All post-operative rehab
  • All tendon and muscle problems


   £75 Assessment

£56 Follow Up

  • Specialist prices apply to all balance and vestibular patients.

MOBILE CLINIC: Domiciliary Home Visits

£130 Assessment

£92 Follow Up 

  • Mobile physiotherapy brings all the expertise and equipment to your doorstep.