Sports Injuries




Everyone wants to be at their fittest: their most healthy self.  Sometimes however, the volume of sports that we do can create problems.  Sometimes starting or coming back to a sport highlights an underlying problem. 


Amongst the top sports injuries in the UK are:

  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Hamstring strain
  • Ankle ligament injury
  • Multiple or single ligament injury to the knee
  • Direct impact injury
  • Pulled groin

Remember prevention is just as important as cure.  Make sure you are conditioned for your activities by working out and building up muscle strength.  Start with a gentle warm up to increase blood circulation and increase flexibility.  Learn when to stop: getting to know your body and when it is fatiguing is very important.  Your muscles help protect your other structures, so when they are tired you will lose some of your protection from injury.


Improve Recovery After Exercise

Stronger and healthier bodies recover faster from exercise.



Improve Flexibility

A tailored programme of stretches may help your problem.



Speed up Recovery

When you are injured your body is programmed to repair itself.  Sometimes we just need a little helping hand to redirect or restart our healing processes, or even speed them up.



Release Muscle Tension

Tight or weak muscles do not feel comfortable when you try to perform well at your chosen sport.  A full assessment will determine what is short and or weak and why.  



Relieve Tired and Achey Muscles

Perhaps you feel tired when you run in one muscle before any other, or perhaps you have one area that aches more than it should after exercise?



Take a look at the new Spin Physio clinic at Culverstone, or our ongoing service at Borough Green Medical Practice.  See our map below for areas that qualify for the mobile clinic: Borough Green, Culverstone, Vigo, Meopham, New Ash Green, Longfield, Istead Rise, Cobham, Gravesend, Wrotham, Wrotham Heath, West Malling, Kings Hill, Sevenoaks, Seal, Otford.  Contact us if you are unsure.  


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